Removing broken cast iron toilet flange

Secured together with 2 flat head screws your inbox in a mobile homeDist handyman-type Also, some of the metal in the center is very brittle and I could just chip it away.

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Michael Michael 31 1 1 removing broken cast iron toilet flange badge. Special thanks to our sponsor:. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

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When installing a repair plate, you should remove the screws that hold the … Package Height cm : 5. Close Font Resize. Stainless braided oil return hose that, they make cast iron ones with neoprene gaskets and expanding clamps to hold it onto or into the pipe.

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Newest Subjects. CraifJun 14, Then I would highly recommend a brass repair flange that has a collor approx. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group.

Replace or fix cast iron toilet flange???

No matter what you do, take the time to do it the right way. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

Forget the drill business and just take a 3/4" cold chisel and whack the flange from inside to out, right at the outside of the lead but from.

You go over your options. We cannot be held removing broken cast iron toilet flange for bad or inadequate advice. Modern toilet flanges, which are the fittings that hold down the toilet down, can be made of brass or PVC, but older ones are often cast iron. I would not mess with trying to remove the flange.

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If you were a bit overzealous and you ended up breaking the hub, you'll just have to use a coupling to attach the pipes.

You could potentially melt the lead to the point of no return.

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Previous page. Get some lead bars that is suitable for your project.

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This one seemed to be the only real DIY option. Featured on Meta. Once you have the old pipe and lead gasket removed, clean the hub up a bit and remove any bits of debris. Then you'll want to install some temporary supports, to catch the portion of the pipe that you'll be removing. My toilet flange was completely broken and installing a new flange on top of it would raise the toilet too much, so I decided to remove the flange from the iron pipe completely.

Take your molten lead in the ladle and pour the lead into the joint with one continuous pour. It would not be able to get a good seal.

I just removed my toilet from 2nd floor bathroom due to leak and found a broken closet flange. Never having installed one and since I don't.

Be careful not to get too close to the inner edge of the flange to avoid damaging the waste pipe. Author: mstruttm FL I have looked at the flanges with the rubber rings, the problem is that the inside of the cast iron pipe is not smooth.

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You should still have nearly a couple of inches of overlap between the flange and the pipe. Unbolt the toilet from the floor and remove the entire toilet. Viewed 31k times. Raised our floor from adding tile work. What's in the box. Improve this answer.

Using your angle grinder or multi-tool, coupled with a metal cutting blade, cut the old flange free. When you remove the top piece, the rest should come out.

Show 4 more removings broken cast iron toilet flange. I am thinking about reusing this, that way when the wax ring is pressed on it will still be in direct contact with the iron pipe flange and should fill and seal all of the deteriorated voids in the metal. BUT, if the pipe is old and all crusty inside, i believe a goes-over flange is better because it would seal better. Last edited: Jan 13, See all reviews. Install was fast, tightened it down and good to go.

Is not cast iron toilet flanges to fix properly bigger issue damaged, though, you need clean Author: dlh TX ok packy, ill go with that answer. There is an easier way.

Your first temptation will be to take a cold chisel and break that existing cast iron flange into pieces to make way for a new PVC repair flange.

Get Residential Plumbing articles, news and videos right in your inbox! First, take a high-speed drill bit and drill a few holes in the old lead right alongside each other in a row so that you can have a starting point to pull the old lead out.

A toilet flange connects the bottom of the toilet to the drainpipe in the floor of the bathroom. I am not removing the old flange and putting a new goes over flange on.

While trying to install the toilet bolts I realized I had too much mortar in the groove where the closet bolt slides into position in the.

Log in or Sign up. If the flange is damaged, though, you need to replace it. Stop looking at that flange as if it is immovable. Installed together with a wax ring, the HydroSeat technology ensures a tight, leak-free seal and features a self-centering rubber funnel that fits any toilet or closet flange. Some PVC toilet flanges are made of percent from polyvinyl chloride while others will come with a metallic top and a PVC base.

But, once I get the old flange off, are you also saying it's okay to use any of the other available flanges that have the 2" pipe extension?

Oatey GIDDS Replacement Flange Forcast Iron, 4-Inch, PVC - Pipe Fittings -

CraifJun 12, I understand that you're recommending to use the same "leading" method to install a new flange. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. Accept all cookies Customize settings.

I am not removing the old flange and putting a new goes over flange on. My plan was to leave the remnants of the old cast iron flange and bolt the flange repair.

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Sadly for me, the installer did not shim or caulk the toilet. Very simple to install. Log in or Sign up. We've already had to deal with this toilet leaking onto the kitchen ceiling from the drain, we don't ever want that happening again.

How to Repair a Cast-Iron Toilet Flange

How do I replace this cast iron toilet flange? May be tricky to install for novices; Customer service could use a little improvement. You want to pack the oakum in with your yarning iron and ball peen hammer leaving about 1 inch of room for the lead. I had to remove the Oatey flange, and put a removing broken cast iron toilet flange in - i found the Oatey twist and set PVC at local store because i needed it right away.

Re: Repairing Cast Iron Toilet Flange Author: hj AZ I assume you have never had a "goes into flange" that you had to shave the rubber ribs off, then beat it into the bend, and even then it would not go down all the way.

My plan was to leave the remnants of the old cast iron flange and bolt the flange repair ring to the top.

Modern toilet flanges, which are the fittings that hold down the toilet down, can be made of brass or PVC, but older ones are often cast iron.

These half-moon-shaped metal pieces slide under the existing flange and can be screwed to the sub floor for removing broken cast iron toilet flange stability. Step 4: For broken flanges that are still securely attached to the sewer pipe, choose a spanner flange to replace the missing or broken pieces of the flange. Which one should you use in what situations?

How do I remove broken cast iron closet flange from PVC pipe

I have a big old gawd awful cast iron at least I think it's cast iron, the house was built in toilet flange that is in sorry shape. Technique helps ensure the ring is in between the flange opening alloy will not for Articles, news and videos right in your inbox before lifting the also Cast iron flanges come in two measurements. I have removed my toilet to install tile flooring.

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I ended up returning it and cutting the CI out and switching to pvc. Visit the Oatey Store. Put on wax ring and installed toilet. The materials you need to have handy are lead, oakum, a ball-peen hammer, and a means to melt the lead.

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Depending on whether you are removing a PVC or cast iron flange, you will usually need just some of these items. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. In your case you removing broken cast iron toilet flange need a brass repair flange so that you can lead from the old lead to the new flange.

It is also possible for a flange to crack or break away from its bolts and cause the toilet to move. Iron and caulk it potentially lead to leaking to rock and potentially to. Ask our expert. No need to use any kind of sealer. Join your colleagues who already get great content delivered right to their inbox.

Is there a flange that can be used to replace a broken or corroded cast iron flange for a toilet?

See questions and answers. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Author: hj AZ That is the first good suggestion so far. Some stubborn bolts might have to be sawed off. Cannot remove closet bolts - toilet install.

I knew there was trouble when one of the closet bolts was completely loose. Pulling the toilet revealed that the cast iron flange was broken.

Question feed. Flange would likely require opening up the floor of the toilet also on!

1. Close the shut-off valve behind the toilet to stop the flow of water. · 2. Remove the lid from the toilet tank. · 3. Reach inside the tank and unscrew the ball.

Oatey Flange Nuts, 3 Inch, White. Some of us do not consider a ring on top of the flange to be the "best way", or even "one way" that we would do it.

How to Repair a Cast Iron Toilet Flange | Plumber Magazine

Take your caulking iron and beat the lead down with your hammer all around. Now, having the tools to do it may be expensive, so having a plumber do it for you may end up cheaper.

Install a toilet flange on the outside. This can be done with a hammer and chisel. If the flange is cast iron with a rubber gasket, you should be able to remove.

Author: nhmaster NH Cold chisel, hammer, remove old flange, install new. Comments on this site are submitted by users and are not endorsed by nor do they reflect the views or opinions of COLE Publishing, Inc. You can do it. How are ratings calculated?

Removing the old pipe

Amazon Payment Products. I just removed my toilet from 2nd floor bathroom due to leak and found a broken closet flange. It will make a clean enough edge that a Fernco coupling like you have a picture of will work fine. Been about 3 months now of use with no issues. Will it be a problem if the pipe is below the top of the collar, by a half inch or so?

Toilets, Sinks, Showers, Dishwashers, Tubs and Garbage Disposals - Broken cast iron toilet flange removal help - So I have a rocking toilet.

See and discover other items: cast iron hardwareconcrete repairepoxy repairplastic closetsbig closetpvc floor. So, now I have a damaged flange and I'm not sure which direction to go next.

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Joined: Aug 7, Location: Florida. This arrived fast and I'm sure would have done the job. A pro may have been able to do it, but it was Christmas time, I was remodeling my mother's bath miles from homeand I couldn't wait nor did I want to pay the OT for the task.

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Remove the toilet by slowly rocking and lifting it. There are a few things you need to look over before you get to the actual repair step. The HydroSeat offers an easy, one-piece installation that fixes wobbly or leaking toilets, and broken or damaged flanges.