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Physics Chemistry Recipes. The Roman mile also spread throughout Europe, with its local variations giving rise to the different units below.

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Definition: A foot symbol: ft is a unit of length in the imperial and US customary systems of measurement. When this distance needs to be distinguished from the nautical mile, the international mile may also be described as a land mile or statute mile. It used to have the symbol 'm' until SI was established and it was changed to avoid confusion with the unit metre.

Meter to yard m to yd.

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There are 5, feet in a mile. The nautical mile was originally defined as one minute of arc along a meridian of the Earth.

More information from the unit converter. Q: How many Feet in 1 Miles? The answer is 5, Q: How many Miles in Feet? The answer is

OL M. Send this page to a friend Report an error on this page. The symbol for mile is mi. Their love of logistics led to the conception of the classic Roman road, and even the method of measuring it. The act on the Composition of Yards and Perches had shortened the length of the foot and its associated measures, causing the two methods of determining the mile social vs sociable diverge.

The distance was indirectly standardised by Agrippa 's establishment of a standard Roman foot Agrippa's own in 29 BC[9] and the definition of a pace as 5 feet.

Retrieved 18 January Please re-enable javascript in your browser settings. Lucia, [68] St. So your stride is pretty much the same as a Roman's, even if it isn't performed at high speed towards a lion in an Amphitheatre though charging at the last BLT in Starbucks is also admirable, of course. Arnold's c.

Convert feet to miles. How many miles in feet?

The result will be shown immediately. Archived from the original on 1 March In practice, official measures were verified using the standards at the Exchequer or simply ignored.

How many mi in 5000 ft?

This table provides a summary of the Length or Distance units within their respective measurement systems. From then its only utility has been land survey, before it was the standard mile. To add an extra layer of confusion, the modern mile is feet longnot or Kitts-Nevis Observer. Zagreb: Matica hrvatska. Biblical and Talmudic units of measurement. It is most commonly equal to 5, feet 1, yards, or about 1, meters.

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From: foot To: mile. These include:. Feet are sometimes referred to as linear feetwhich are simply the measurement of length in feet. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Convert 5,000 Feet to Miles

Science portal. The informal term "metric mile" is used in some countries, in sports such as track and field athletics and speed skatingto denote a distance of 1, metres 0. Results in Miles:. Lucia since ". Quick Rough Maths. When the international mile was introduced in English-speaking countries, the basic geodetic datum in America was the North American Datum of NAD Fathoms to meters ftm to m.

Archived from the original on 1 February Meters to kilometers m to km. Next, let's look at an example showing the work and calculations that are involved in converting from feet to miles ft to mi. Hellenic measurement. Imperial units. Centerline to centerline, 42nd Street to 22nd Street is supposed to be feet while 42nd Street to 62nd Street is supposed to be [ clarification needed ] ft 8 in.

Mariana Islands, [66] Samoa, [67] St. Government of the United Kingdom. Kilometers to centimeters km to cm.

This conversion of 5, feet to miles has been calculated by multiplying 5, feet by and the result is miles.

Because the 5000 foot to miles yard is legally defined to be equal to exactly 0. Kilometers to miles km to mi. State Plane Coordinate Systems were then updated, but the National Geodetic Survey left individual states to decide which if any definition of the foot they would use. Nanometers to millimeters nm to mm. The US is the only developed country that still uses the foot in preference to the 5000 foot to miles.

We are not liable for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of this software. This converter can help you to get answers to questions like: How many feet are in miles?

In OctoberU. Please provide values below to convert foot [ft] to mile [mi, mi Int ], or vice versa. Among others. Foot Value:. With qualifiers, mile is also used to describe or translate a wide range of units derived from or roughly equivalent to the Roman milesuch as the nautical mile now 1. Retrieved 24 October All roads radiated out from the Roman Forum throughout the Empire — 50, Roman miles of stone-paved roads.

Namespaces Article Talk. ISBN From Archived from the original on 5 February Decimeters to millimeters dm to mm.

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At every 5000 foot to miles was placed a shaped stone. Although the precise value of the approximation remains disputed, it was somewhere between 1.

5000 Feet to Miles

Mexico [91]. The mile is a linear measurement of length equal to exactly 1, Kilometers to feet km to ft. Peru [91].

ft as a usable fraction of mi: 15/16 mile. Max. approximation error for the fractions: Exact fraction 1% 2% 5%10%15%. Formula: divide the value in feet.

One foot contains 12 inches, and one yard is comprised of three feet. There are 0. The numerical result exactness will be according to de number o significant figures that you choose.

How many miles [statute] are in 5000 ft?

Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Should you wish to convert a specific number of miles to feet or feet to miles, give the length and distance converter a try. Popup calculator Copy a link to this page Print this page Email a link to this page Scroll up to form What does this mean?

The " old English mile " of the medieval and early modern periods varied but seems to have measured about 1. Verlag von J. It's no 5000 foot to miles they gave us concrete, central heating and the Fitbit though one of those may not be true.

In the United States, statute mile normally refers to the survey mile, [54] about 3. Chile, [91] Guatemala, Haiti.

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This 5000 foot to miles software is for educational purposes only. How much are feet in miles? Nautical miles to kilometers nmi to km. Main article: Nautical mile. Helena, [70] St. The ancient Romansmarching their armies through uncharted territory, would often push a carved stick in the ground after each 1, paces.

Learn how to convert from feet to miles and what is the conversion factor as well as the conversion formula. miles are equal to feet.

Handbook to Life in Ancient Rome. In case you do find an error, please contact us and let us know about it so that we can correct it.

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What is a foot ft? The old Imperial value of the yard was used in converting measurements to metric values in India in a Act of the Indian Parliament. How to convert feet to miles?

Here you can find how many miles are in foot, as well as, feet equals mile because times (the conversion factor) =

For example, 1 mile can be written as 1 mi or 1 m. Kartografija i putopisi.

You are currently converting Distance and Length units from Feet to Miles. Feet (ft). = Miles (mi). Visit Miles to Feet Conversion.

Kilometers to nautical 5000 foot to miles km to nmi. In the United States, the nautical mile was defined in the 19th century as 6, Ancient Roman units of measurement. Centimeters to inches cm to in. Suppose you want to convert feet into miles. The average is about 6, feet about 1, metres or 1.

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Inches to feet in to ft. Click on a link to see the corresponding answer. A modern mile is imperial feet long Disclaimer This application software is for educational purposes only.

In order to convert ft to miles we make use the formula [mi] = [] / Note that the above results are rounded to three decimal.

State Plane Coordinate Systems SPCSswhich can stretch over hundreds of miles, [79] the accumulated difference can be significant, so it is important to note that the reference is to the U. Retrieved 4 March It extended the Roman mile to fit an astronomical approximation of 1 arcminute of latitude measured directly north-and-south along a meridian.

The data mile is used in radar -related subjects and is equal to 6, feet 1. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. The coffee shop?

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How long is feet? How far is feet in miles? This simple calculator will allow you to easily convert ft to mi.

By Becky Kleanthous Last update: 02 August Feet to centimeters ft to cm. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. On these was carved a Roman numeralindicating the number of miles from the centre of Rome — the Forum. Miles to feet mi to ft. Fersah Turkish league. There are Feet in 1 Mile.

How to convert feet to miles. To convert ft to miles you have to multiply x , since 1 ft is mis. So, if you want to.

Still, when it comes to singing, everyone is miles better than I am. Current use: Although most countries have adopted the metric system and use kilometers, rather than miles, to express land distance, the mile is still prevalently used in countries such as the United States USUnited Kingdom UKMyanmar, and Liberia, as well as some other countries which are either US or UK territories, or have historical ties with either country.

Explanation: 1 ft is equal to mi, therefore ft is equivalent to mi. 1 Foot = 1 / = Miles; 5, Feet = / =

Spanish customary units. Archived from the original on 28 February The Roman mile, the total distance of the left foot hitting the ground timeswas about feet in today's imperial units, but would have apparently been around Roman feet back in the day. The statute mile was standardised between the British Commonwealth and the United States by an international agreement inwhen it was formally redefined with respect to SI units as exactly 1, Conversion Formula Let's take a closer look at the conversion formula so that you can do these conversions yourself with a calculator or with an old-fashioned pencil and paper.

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Feet to Miles. What is the formula to convert from feet to miles?

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About us Privacy Policy Contact us. The Roman mile mille passuslit. Thus, the radar statute mile is

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